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Lourdes Counseling Center

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Offering the Only Inpatient Behavioral Services in the Region

Trust Lourdes to take care of your physical health and your mental health, too. Whether you are in need of inpatient mental health services or outpatient behavioral health services, you can count on Lourdes. Lourdes Counseling Center (LCC) provides a full range of behavioral health services. You can also rely on us to assist with medication management, life skills training, and chemical dependency services for adults dealing with mental illness. Rest assured we have the skills and abilities to serve you and your family members with compassionate quality services.

Lourdes Counseling Center
1175 Carondelet Dr.
Richland, WA 99354
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Since 1974, the community has trusted Lourdes Counseling Center to provide a full system of care for adults, children, and families. Our team of expert health care professionals use evidence based practices and includes board certified psychiatrists.


Our services include:

20-Bed Licensed Psychiatric Hospital

Lourdes Counseling Center provides patients from Benton/Franklin Counties and all of Washington State with voluntary and involuntary licensed care. Lourdes routinely cares for hundreds of people each year with an average stay of nine days. In the tradition of Lourdes, our licensed psychiatrists, professional nurses, mental health counselors and physician assistants are dedicated to providing quality compassionate care.

16-Bed Licensed Residential Service - Transitions

In response to a great need in the region, we provide residential services focused on crisis resolution. Our services are less intensive than in the psychiatric hospital. Hundreds of individuals receive services each year and stay on average of five days. In the tradition of Lourdes, nurse practitioners, nurses, mental health professionals and counselors are available to meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Transitions Jail Diversion

In collaboration, Lourdes Transitions program works with local law enforcement groups. The focus is on those who are mentally ill and have committed a low level misdemeanor. This unique program allows people who are acutely mentally ill to receive treatment rather than go to jail.

Assessment and Referral

You can rely on our mental health professionals to conduct an initial screening for appropriate outpatient services. We provide this service to hundreds of individuals throughout our region each month.

Case Management

Personal, focused care is a promise at Lourdes.  Our mental health staff customize services for our patients with chronic mental illness. Most of the services are provided in a community setting. The emphasis is placed on helping you or your loved one live independently in the community.

Counseling Services

Our experienced mental health professionals provide individual and family counseling. Professionally trained therapists place a strong emphasis on solution focused therapy and education.

Cullum House

This 10-bed residential home serves people who need structure & support. The focus is on reducing barriers that may be preventing individuals from living independently. Cullum House is staffed by professionally trained and experienced mental health counselors.

Medication Management

Individuals, experiencing a variety of mental health disorders, often require assessment and ongoing medication management. We employ five psychiatrists, three nurse practitioners and five registered nurses to monitor potential medication side effects and assess the effectiveness of the medications.

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

PACT is a team of mental health workers* who provide an evidence-based intensive outpatient treatment program designed to assist adults overcome the barriers to their recovery from severe and persistent behavioral health disorders.  This includes housing, financial management, skill development, employment, substance use disorder treatment and medication management.

*nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health professionals, substance use disorder counselors, vocational counselors and peer counselors

Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

We have designed these services to help identify, assess and ensure the safety of those who are homeless and mentally ill. It is our goal to help link clients with services & treatment options that will address their immediate needs. 


This service is a part of our PATH program and helps people who are experiencing an opioid crisis get connected with services. This program is conducted by Peer Counselors who have lived the experience and bring a personal perspective to their work.  

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

This program provides asessment, referral, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient (OP), and DUI Deferment Assessments for people in need of substance use treatment and may also be experiencing symptoms of other behavioral health disorders. Group and individual services are provided by experienced mental health professionals and licensed substance use disorder staff.

Prosecutorial Diversion Program

This program is intended to divert individuals with behavioral health conditions from the criminal justice system and competency services, into outpatient behavioral health services. Using different approaches, the programs aim to reduce entry/re-entry into the criminal justice and competency systems by improving access to community-based behavioral health and other social services.