Lourdes Patient Portal

Already enrolled in Lourdes Follow My Health® Patient Portal?

Why Sign Up For Lourdes Follow My Health® Portal?

Lourdes Patient Portal is called Follow My Health®. Once you sign up to use this portal, you can easily:

1. Send and receive emails from your Doctor’s office
2. Receive and view upcoming appointments
3. Monitor your blood pressure, weight and more
4. Set up proxy accounts for children and dependent adults
5. Review your doctor visit notes
See a list of your doctors, medications, immunizations, allergies, surgeries and more.
7.  Access your medical information ONLINE – 24/7 from any handheld device or computer!

Sign Up for Lourdes Follow My Health®

Follow these easy instructions:

1. Give your doctor’s office your email address and request to sign up.
2. You will receive an email from Follow My Health® (noreply@followmyhealth.com). Click the link and select “Sign Up and Connect.”
3. Create your username and password (You may use your email address). Using the instructions, choose a password, then click “Confirm and Continue.”
4. Click “Next” then “I Accept” to the Terms of Service.
5. Enter your invite code and select “Next.”  The code is the last four digits of your social security number or your birth year.
6. Select “I Accept” after reviewing the Release of Information.
7. Wait while your health record uploads. Once complete, you will be redirected to your online patient portal.


You are now ready to access your health information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device! Please call (509) 546-2205 if you need further assistance.

Download the App

Access your health information from your mobile device using the Follow My Health® app, available for Android and Apple iOS.

Worry Free

Your email/username will never be shared or sold and is used solely for the purpose of authenticating your online health record account. Once enrolled, your health information is encrypted in compliance with government regulations for all medical information.