Lourdes Patient Information

Visiting Hours

During the course of your stay, with your consent, we welcome family members, friends and other individuals to be present with you for emotional support.

Interpretive Services

If you, a family member or other guest has special communication needs such as interpreting services, please tell your admitting representative, your nurse or point to your language in the Language Identification Card which is posted at the nurses stations and at registration. Interpreting services are offered at no charge to patients.


All parking is free to visitors of Lourdes Medical Center. Handicapped parking is available in all parking areas around the facility.

There are four designated areas for visitor parking:

1. Front of the main LMC entrance
2. North side of LMC
3. Directly across 4th Avenue
4. For emergency room visitors, a designated parking lot is available just outside the Emergency Room entrance.


Valuables | Lost Belongings

We advise you to leave cash, credit cards and jewelry at home, as Lourdes cannot be responsible for the security of each room. If you cannot do so, please ask your nurse to place your personal belongings in the hospital safe. Eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids require special care. Ask a nurse for a denture cup and take care not to leave these items on your meal tray or lying on your bed, as they may become damaged or lost.

If you misplace personal belongings, check with your nurse or contact Environmental Services ext. 2280 or 509.546.2280 if calling from outside the hospital.


Please bring a current list of medications and dosages you’re taking, but DO NOT bring your medications with you unless requested by hospital staff. For your safety, the hospital pharmacy will provide your medications during your hospital stay. If the hospital’s pharmacy does not stock a specific medication, we may ask you to bring a supply from home until we are able to order it.


Lourdes Health offers free public Wi-Fi in all facilities. Check the waiting rooms for directions if you’re having difficulty accessing our public network (LHNPublic).

Going Home

Discharge planning is a process that begins from the moment of admission and continues throughout your hospital stay. When your physician has determined that you have sufficiently recovered, he or she will write a discharge order. Instructions and information regarding post hospital care will be provided to you. If there are any remaining forms to be signed, you will be directed where you will need to go. The discharge process may take several hours, but it is an important step in your overall care.