Lourdes Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education for Everyone

When your eating habits need to change, we have trained registered Nutrition Specialists to help you. While you’re in the hospital you may learn the great benefits of eating nutritious foods. Want to learn to continue those habits? We’ll teach you before you go home!

You don’t need to be a patient in the hospital to receive nutrition services. Everyone deserves to know how to eat well for their health. If you want to learn to start eating to combat the effects of diabetics, heart desease or another medical condition, contact us today. It’s never to late to learn!

Nutrition Education

Your personal dietician will provide you written materials and resources tailored to your dietary needs, including:

• Diabetes and pre-diabetes nutrition education
• Heart-healthy eating (for high cholesterol or triglycerides)
• Calorie and protein recommendations for weight loss or weight gain
• Weight-loss nutrition counseling
Gastrointestinal disorders: diverticulitis, celiac disease, gastroparesis
• Low-sodium diet
• Diet for kidney disease
• Meal planning for overall healthy eating

Additionally, you may receive Nutrition Support Services if you are unable to meet your nutritional needs through an oral diet. We’re here to help you with all of your dietary concerns.

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Lourdes Nutrition Education