David Vance, MD




Board Certified in Urology


University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center


Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Dr. Vance can see you for:

• Bladder/Kidney Cancer
• Elevated PSA
• BPH/Enlarged Prostate
• Prostatitis
• Epididymitis/Orchitis
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Male/Female Incontinence
• Pelvic Prolapse
• Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
• Overactive Bladder
• Urinary Urgency
• Kidney/Bladder Stones
• Hematuria
• Adrenal Gland Disorders
• Urologic Trauma
• Neurogenic Bladder
• Prostate/Testicular/Penile Cancer

Dr. Vance enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, traveling, and spending time with his family.

From the Patients



Kennewick, WA

"I had an appointment with Dr. David Vance and I am writing to say how pleased I was with the way it went. I value promptness (I have fired physicians who cannot manage their practice and kept me waiting) and when I arrived and signed in I was soon escorted into an exam room and asked the usual questions. The staff (Josh and Martha) was friendly and helped me feel at ease. Dr. Vance came in and he did an examination. Several tumors were found and he explained my options including an OP procedure. I made that choice and he quickly rearranged his schedule so it could be done while I was in the office. His friendly demeanor and competence were reassuring. Great visit."


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