Benjamin Pe, MD


Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment of Children & Adolescents


Board Certified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


University Of Washington


University Of Washington


University of Illinois At Chicago

Procedures Performed

• Psychiatric Evaluation

Conditions Treated

• ADHD and-or ADD
• Anxiety
• Bipolar Disorder
• Major Depressive Disorder

In his free time Dr. Pe enjoys sports and traveling.

From the Patients


Kerrie C.

Richland, WA

"Even if we had to wait hours in the waiting room, Dr. Pe would be worth it, but as it happens we never ever do. I have two children who see Dr. Pe and we absolutely love him. He asks them questions first and us last. He avoids terminology which might make them feel like there is something "wrong" with them until they reach a level of maturity where it makes sense (ADHD = "Distractibility") I am mixed bipolar with psychotic features myself, and if I could make myself 12 again just so I could be his patient I would. Anyway, he is wonderful. My daughter is very involved in her own treatment and he follows her lead, or at least gives a lot of weight to what she requests. She has basically been adjusting her own dosages and times of administration for at least 3-4 years. Granted, she takes very little, but she is nonetheless empowered. My youngest son, who is beyond gifted (we never taught him a letter, a number, a shape, or a color), and yet we thought he might be autistic as did several teachers other than his full-time classroom teacher in Kindergarten. Well, he's being treated for ADHD with medication and his test scores are off the charts. At this point he is a shoe in for a full-time gifted program next year for 3rd to 5th graders. This is a kid who more than one teacher in his elementary school tried to tell his Kindergarten teacher he should be in special ed. What I love about Dr. Pe is that he is not only conservative in his approach, but also not alarming. We do not know what will come, but with Dr. Pe in our corner not only do their dad and I feel good, but they do to. He will be there for all of us no matter what the future holds and that kind of support and security is invaluable."


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