Lourdes was recently presented with the 2016 Telestroke Performance Award for Outstanding Stroke Care Achivement - "Fastest Hospital Door to Needle."

Lourdes Awarded 2016 Telestroke Performance Award

Posted on June 6, 2016

Have you been hearing “code stroke” overhead at Lourdes Medical Center lately?

Lourdes was recently presented with an award for Outstanding Stroke Care achievement – “Fastest Hospital Door to Needle.”

Lourdes has an agreement with Providence for the robot we use in the Emergency Department for stroke patients. Providence can provide around-the-clock access to acute stroke experts via secure internet connection.  A skilled stroke neurologist can be “in the room” with ER physicians, helping to evaluate patients and consult on diagnosis, treatment or transfer.

The Door to Needle has to do with giving patients the appropriate medication that might diagnose and treat the stroke patient for better outcomes  – the faster the better!