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If you are an adult who is managing a common or complex illness, an Internal Medicine Physician (Internist) may be the perfect doctor for you. Lourdes Internists are trained on the prevention, detection and treatment of adult diseases. When you choose a Lourdes Internist, you get a Specialist who is also your Primary Care Physician and the one who knows you best. 

Jennifer Balde, MD, FACP

Board Certified in InternalMedicine & Geriatrics
Jennifer Balde, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at Lourdes.


Denise Dvorquez, MD, MPH

Specializing in Internal Medicine


Jazmín I. Yépez Kuri, MD

Board Certified in InternalMedicine & Geriatrics
Jazmín I. Yépez Kuri, MD Internal Medicine Lourdes


Daniel Quiroz, MD

Specializing in Internal Medicine
Daniel Quiroz, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine at Lourdes.


Your Primary Care Physician

Internists are trained to be your Primary Care Physician. With our experience and training, you can count on us for:

• Annual exams
• Prescriptions for preventive medicine
• Help with managing your medication
• Help with monitoring your diabetes, hypertension and lipids

Your Specialist

In addition to caring for your general health, we are trained to help you manage:

• Chronic conditions
• Substance abuse
Mental health challenges
• Common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, reproductive organs, and end-of-life care


We will take care of you beyond the office. When you need to see a Specialist for a specific problem, you can count on us to find the right Specialist and coordinate your care.

Your Source of Comfort

At some time, we all face the end of life. When that time comes, you will feel the uniqueness that is Lourdes. Our compassionate health care will meld with the gentle care and support of your emotional and spiritual needs.

For Our Patients

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