Claar Cellars donates to Lourdes Foundation.

Claar Cellars Donates To Lourdes Foundation

Posted on October 8, 2012

Proceeds from Claar Cellars’ 16th Annual “Help Stomp Out Breast Cancer” event were donated to Lourdes Foundation and Lourdes Health Network.

Lourdes has been reaching out to uninsured women in our community through their Free Mammogram Program in an effort to save lives.

Lourdes Foundation and Lourdes Health Network have been reaching out to uninsured women in our community through their Free Mammogram Program in an effort to save lives. Breast cancer is the most common site of cancer and the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages 40-55. Early detection is the key to survival and better treatment options, and mammography is among the best-known methods of early detection. In Benton and Franklin counties alone, more than 36,000 people are uninsured, thus presenting a medical challenge when it comes to prevention, screening and treatment.

The Mission of Lourdes Health Network is to serve our community with respect, compassion and care and to respond to the healthcare needs of our community with a Christian spirit. Lourdes has been able to provide free mammograms to uninsured women, follow-up diagnostics and care. Lourdes has been so blessed by the many gifts received to care for those who are underserved and works to provide services like the Free Mammogram Program as a gift back to the community.

Over the last five years, Lourdes has screened more than 475 uninsured women. 30 women have required additional follow-up diagnostics of which 10 women were found to have breast cancer. As a result of the funding received, not only was Lourdes able to provide the free screening, but also the additional diagnostic and follow-up services that those women needed. The Free Mammogram Program is an example of a highly leveraged and meaningful community partnership that is making such a tremendous difference in the lives of uninsured women.

Lourdes Health Network offers free mammograms for uninsured women by appointment several times throughout the year at Lourdes West Pasco’s Diagnostic Imaging Center, 7425 Wrigley Drive in Pasco. Lourdes West Pasco houses state-of-the-art digital diagnostic mammography machines as well as a pampered environment in which to receive services, all designed with the patient’s comfort at the heart of the care provided.